Classification resolve concrete mixer

What is the concrete mixer? The main classification and what it? Concrete mixer is a batch of special machinery concrete mix according to uniform mix some cement, child, crushed stone (aggregates) and water prepared concrete. Concrete mixers classification. More types of concrete mixer, divided by job mode operation and continuous operation cycle two. Rotation job type feed, mixing, discharging three processes is based on a certain time interval cycle, namely by mixing parts. j6 8×4 15cbm concrete mixer truck cement mixer truck Since the mixing of various materials have been accurate weighing, mixing quality so good. Currently we use this type of practices. Continuous operation of the sub-type concrete mixer processes within a longer Simplified continuously. Although their productivity relatively high cycle mode of operation, but because of the mix of various materials, mixing time is difficult to control, so stirring poor quality. Currently less use. Way divided by means of fixed and mobile two. Fixed mixer is installed in advance on the basis of the prepared hard, the whole can not be moved. Its bulky, high production efficiency, and more for stirring or mixing station floor. Mobile mixer itself with wheels, and the small size, light weight, so good mobility. Apply to small and medium sized temporary works. Concrete mixer divided by the expected manner tipping and non-tipping two. Tilt-stirring drum by tipping discharge, rather than relying on the Tilt-stirring drum reverse discharge. By stirring drums of different shapes, there are pear-shaped, cylindrical drum, double cone, disc vertical axis and five-axis horizontal circular groove, the first three are from the fall-stirring, the latter two for the forced mixing.

Debugging with former concrete mixing station

Before using concrete mixing station used for concrete mixing station and adjustment, every concrete mixing station should be procedures. So that the efficiency of keeping concrete mixing station is very important. Then, in the concrete mixing station china better hzs240 cement mixers plant mechanical Commissioning what needs attention? Concrete mixing station preparatory work prior to commissioning. Check the installation meets the requirements of the various parts. Check all important parts of the connections are tight Lo Kwai. Check all electric motors, electrical wiring is safe and reliable. Check the transmission oil or grease filling part to meet the requirements. Implementation of the above respective units for the first time use and maintenance terms of use. Concrete mixing station mechanical device debugging. Prior to commissioning, should be required each reducer lubricating grease. Concrete mixing station lifting mechanism. Check the lifting winch motor rotation is correct, the gear unit is functioning properly, rope head rope head rope and bucket on the barrel is solid. First be empty bucket elevator debugging, adjust rope, adjusting bolt, so that the two are basically the same rope length, then the rise and fall of the hopper. In 3g insurance process should be no rail phenomenon, if rail phenomenon, adjust the rope length and lateral position of the two upper and lower hopper wheel again, running up and down so that the mouth of the hopper. Bu adjustment limit, the lower hopper in the end position, the wire rope slack, while the lower limit is action. Touch track and adjust the upper limit, so that the hopper raised to wide limit, Doumen fully open, and the upper limit of the two stoppers are actions (two upper retainer individually debugging).

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